WE ARE OPENING ON MAY 8! ČIERNOHRONSKÁ RAILWAY IS READYHistorical trains of Čiernohronská railway have been waiting impatiently several weeks for their moment. The opening date has been delaying because of COVID-19 but now we are optimistic. If the government confirms next release in second phase on May 6 as it was promoted in the media; Čiernohronská railway will welcome first visitors on May the 8th!

Our advantage is that we travel in open wagons and we have plenty of them. If necessary we can connect 20 wagons. People can sit one after another so they will keep the distance” says Aleš Bílek, director of Čiernohronská railway.

Except that lot of stands with disinfectants will be in area in different places, the tickets will be sold under strict hygienic measures from behind shielding glass. Required outfit for staff and visitors are face masks. Entry to small station museum will be regulated and we already bought couple of bactericidal emitters to disinfect air from bacteria and viruses. Restaurant Lampáreň will be opened too and meal will be served in lunch boxes.

Trains will travel to valley Vydrovo according to regular schedule; steam locomotive should travel on Saturday, too. Our station is empty and sad without tourists. We believe that happy laugh will spread from our wagons as we are used to it” says Aleš Bílek.

Čiernohronská railway belongs to one of the most visiting touristic attractions in region. 70 000 tourists visit us yearly. It has been working as non-for-profit corporation for years and also thank to help of volunteers which come back here every year. Its existence depends on tourist traffic. Financial resources gained from tickets sale are used on necessary repairs and further operation.

Timestamp: 31.05.2020 14:31